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About Company

Manufacturer and developer of software and hardware solutions in the cybersecurity field under the Rutoken and Guardant brands

A visionary company with its own technology ecosystem and extensive partner network worldwide

No. 1 in the strong authentication, e-signature and software protection market in the countries we operate in

We offer integrated solutions fully competitive in the global market


years in industry
active partners
million of Rutoken devices deployed
cybersecurity experts on staff

Solutions and Services

Aktiv company is a key player in the segment of strong authentication, electronic signature and software protection. We have a full stack of technologies in this area.


Integral security element of any modern information system

Modern software and hardware complexes are used for cryptographic protection of information due to two-factor authentication and e-signature. Our devices are used in the solutions of hundreds of technology partners of the Aktiv Company. Such integration increases the level of information security of business processes in almost all spheres of activity and industries, which is especially important for users who have increased requirements for the protection of confidential information.

A key player in the market of strong authentication and electronic signature in the operating countries

We have experience in deploying similar production facilities adapted to local environment

We deliver solutions together with our technology and business partners all over the world

Our solutions comply with all kinds of information security standards

3+ million Rutoken devices installed annually

4 out of 5 banks in the operating countries use Rutoken

Implementation Scenarios

Organizing remote operations protected against unauthorized access

Organizing remote operations of medical workers, police and other services

Secure electronic bidding and public procurement

Remote electronic voting system

Supporting field teams

Fighting Fake News

Remote banking services

Tax returns collection

Fighting counterfeit

Electronic health care system

Electronic passport system

Safe sale of private property

Rutoken Hardware Devices
Cryptographic Identifiers Rutoken EDS

Two-factor authentication, encryption and electronic signature of documents, including on mobile devices

Key carriers and solutions for authentication

Storage of digital user certificates, encryption keys, and other authentication data

Rutoken software and hardware solutions

Administration and lifecycle management of key carriers and authenticators, embedding strong cryptographic solutions in web resources, data protection

Solutions for channel protection and access to web resources

Protection of Internet traffic, authentication of users on web resources, encryption of communication channels in cyber-physical systems

Rutoken Solutions
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Solutions For Government
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for the public sector

We have been fighting with software piracy all over the world for more than 27 years

The Guardant direction specializes in the development and production of hardware and software keys for software protection. Guardant has its own production technologies and occupies a significant market share in the countries of its presence. Guardant products and solutions have an extremely high export potential and are represented in more than 30 countries, in Europe and other regions.

Control of software distribution and use

Comprehensive protection of replicated software from computer pirates, hackers and unscrupulous users

Reverse engineering protection

Program code security from hacker actions

Embedded systems protection

Security for IOT devices and industrial equipment

Facts about Guardant

Products are available in 30+ countries

3000+ happy customers worldwide

2+ million devices sold

10+ million licensed copies of software

Guardant Ecosystem
Hardware Dongles

Maximum reliable software protection.

Software Keys

Quick software sales on the Internet.

Guardant Station

Licensing management system.

Guardant Protection Studio

Code protection from analysis and modification.

Guardant solutions
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Training and consulting in development of cybersecurity hardware and software solutions

As a consultant, the Aktiv Company participates in the construction of an independent state information security infrastructure, cooperating with government agencies, local IT companies and helping to fill the shortage of internal competences. The Aktiv Company also provides consulting services in the field of cryptography and the development of software and hardware solutions in the sector of information security. Advocating for the development of the professionalism of information security specialists, the Aktiv Company conducts consultations and trainings for personnel responsible for the successful functioning of the information security department at any level.



We organize — on our own or with partners — individual training in technologies related to identification, authorization and software protection.


We offer the following consulting services:

  • Design of cybersecurity systems
  • Outsourcing of competencies in cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity audit

Technology Partners

Digital Flow Innovation
Chiptuning Shop
Security Experts

Our Team

Konstantin Chernikov


Timofey Matrenitskiy

Head of International Business Development

Vladimir Ivanov

Business Development Director

Andrey Stepin

Vice General Director

Inga Kryukova

Marketing Manager

Pavel Anfimov

Head of Product Development Department

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