About Us

The AKTIV company is the manufacturer of USB-tokens, smart cards, dongles and solutions for software protection, the developer of information security tools. The company bases its devices on both widely used in world practice and on its own unique developments.

We are one of the developers of technologies that form the basis for creating basic competitive solutions in the field of information security.

AKTIV offers its partners cooperation in the field of creating unique software and electronic devices, both on order and in the format of joint developments, including OEM solutions.

In the emerging markets, a partnership with AKTIV can be the starting point for your leadership. The company was founded in Russia in 1994 and now unites the leading brands in their fields: Rutoken and Guardant.

Security. For all and everyone

More than 20 years on the information security market in Russia and on the territory of the CIS countries.

Full cycle company: from concept, development and production to end-user technical support.

Access control, authentication, information security and electronic signature technology.

Possession of technology and methodology of creating projects in the field of information security.

Possibilities to quickly launch production in another country.

Clients from the government, commercial and financial segments.

Creating new convergent products based on existing serial solutions.

The affiliate sales office in Europe has been operating for more than 15 years.

Digital Signature. Strong User Authentication

RUTOKEN is a line of hardware products and solutions for authentication and creation of electronic signatures.

RUTOKEN key media is used wherever safe storage and use of passwords, digital certificates, encryption keys and electronic signature keys are required.

RUTOKEN electronic identifiers are presented in various form factors: from a standard USB-token or smart card to Bluetooth-devices. Every year AKTIV sells more than 1 million tokens and smart cards of its own production.

Key features

  • Hardware electronic signature
  • Secure data storage and high-speed cryptography
  • Electronic signature on iOS and Android
  • Protection against fraud of Internet banking
  • Secured storage of electronic signature keys
  • Electronic signature and two-factor authentication
  • Means of control and access management (ACS)
  • Own card operating system

Protection. For Those Who Make Software

GUARDANT — a line of solutions in various formats for software protection and licensing which allows software developers to build a reliable and efficient sales channel of their product.

GUARDANT solutions include software licensing tools, hardware keys, services for software orders management, tools for protecting program code, and so on. Products have sufficient flexibility and in combination allow to solve almost any monetizing software task.

Key features

  • Stably high demand from foreign customers
  • A wide application field — products for almost any licensing and software protection tasks
  • A high level of automation, allowing you to start selling software quickly
  • Fast solutions integration into business processes and third-party systems
  • GUARDANT solutions are presented in Europe and North America market for more than 15 years
  • A comprehensive and modern platform for software monetizing
  • Universal technologies used in almost any task to protect and license applications
  • Support almost any model of software product sales
  • Powerful protective technologies that reliably protect intellectual property and reduce financial losses
  • High automation level for the fastest start of software sales
  • The possibility of flexible integration into business processes and third-party systems (ERP, CRM, etc.)
  • More than 20 years experience in protection and licensing technologies creation
  • Stably high demand from developers around the world

Contact Us

  • Moscow, Russian Federation
  • info@aktiv-company.com
  • +7 495 925 77 90